Why J.V.V.P. ?


Academic research confirms that students who receive holistic and integral education turn out to be high performers not only in professional and personal life, but also in the social milieu. Individual attention, sensitivity & empathy are essential pre requisites for the students as they do not merely address their academic grades but enhances their persona. Each child is unique and blessed with different skills. We design our teaching strategies to meet the specific needs of every child. Small size classes enable us to implement the curriculum with a lot of activities which ensures maximum participation from students.

At JVVP we strongly believe that each class should have small number of students that ensures individual focus and more time for every student


We focus on creating a balance between academic and non-academic training. This ensures that the student is neither overburdened nor is the learning superficial.

Constant syllabus review makes the content contemporary and meaningful. Due importance is provided to skill based job linked training that includes courses in communicative English, Kannada & Hindi, Disaster Management, Life skills education and more.


Every child is unique in its ability to learn and acquire skills. Inclusive education facilitates students with different activities to participate in the learning process with students of the same age group. It is a continuous process. J.V.V.P. provides an accessible curriculum and child specific methodology and atmosphere so that every child becomes a winner.


In accordance with the schools mission, we provide equal emphasis on co-curricular activities. Art & craft, music, dance, yoga, sports, theatre are some of such activities that students are encouraged to participate based on their interest. Music & dance is compulsory from 1 std. onwards. Children are trained in light music (Indian) where they learn songs in different Indian languages including folk, semi classical and folk dance. This allows the children to appreciate and participate in Indian music & dance. We believe this is essential and has dual benefits. Children get to learn music and additionally our culture & tradition finds a natural future.