• Who is managing the school?
  • When was the school established?
  • Is the school affiliated to CBSE?
  • How many sections does each class have and what is the strength of each class?
  • Which is the entry level?
  • Till which class do you have?
  • What is the age limit for Pre-Nursery?
  • What is the language pattern at JVVP?
  • When does normally school start admission process?
  • What is the mode of payment?
  • What is the method of teaching?
  • What IT Education the school is providing?
  • Is it necessary for child seeking admission for Pre KG to attend Play Home before joining?

P.S. Goenka Memorial Educational Trust, a non-profit organization.


Yes, Affiliation no. 830137


Upto class X

2 years 6 months as on 1st June of the academic year.

I to X std – First Language – Compulsory English Second Language – Kannada or Hindi (to be opted at UKG level)

V to VIII std - Third Language – Kannada or Hindi

School has plans to introduce Sanskrit as III lang. option in near future.

As per the CBSE norms Hindi should be studied compulsorily as II lang. or III lang.

Normally Registrations are made during the month of November.

Fee should be paid through DD only, cheque or cash will not be accepted. DD should be drawn in the name of the School.

Fee can be paid in two instalments. First at the time of admission and second before 10th of November.Late fee is applicable for late payment.

Nursery - It is a practical combination of Montessori Play way and writing method of teaching .children are exposed to wide range of activities to get hands on experience. The five step learning process-observation arithmetic practical life, sensorial and language (reading and writing skills) aim at building perseverance and self reliance in young children.

I to V std – continuous evaluation through worksheets, project works, language activities, unit tests, orals, Math Lab activities. Activity based & Interactive method of teaching.

VI to X std – Continuous comprehension, Evaluation through unit tests, class works, Home works, Projects, Math Lab and Science lab activities, debates, group discussions, seminars, role play, quiz and so on. Activity based & Interactive method of teaching.

School has a well developed computer lab. From I std onwards Computer Science is a compulsory subject.

The syllabus for primary is the basics of computers, Logo, MS paint, Word pad, MS Word. For Middle school the syllabus is Q basic, Power point, Multimedia, Flash, HTML, Internet Explorer basics, E-mail.

For High School the syllabus is MS Access, Visual Basic, Coral Draw, Java, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point, Microsoft Access.

Yes, only for a short period of time (2 to 3 months for 1 - 2 hrs a day) This will help the child to start the regular schooling and to stay away from home for a longer period.